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Free Range Axis Deer Hunting in Texas

Native to India and known as chital in Hindustani which means "spotted deer". The Axis Deer will retain a rich chestnut colored coat with vibrant white spots. The challenging Axis Deer have similar habits of our native whitetail deer, and are extremely wary and flighty making for a difficult and rewarding hunt. The Texas Hill Country region boasts over 30,000 Axis Deer with our ranches centralized in the heart of this area.

Desert Safaris is fortunate to have 4 properties secured in central Texas that encompass over 29,000 acres of the most prime free-range Axis Deer hunting habitat to be found anywhere. Mature Axis bucks will live weigh in at 175-200 lbs and have antler beams from 30”-36” with heavy antlers, long brow tines and big secondary points. Most of our client’s Axis bucks are gold medal record book SCI category entries.

"Not only are the hunts successful, they produce great trophies and are just flat out fun!"
~Mike Renfro~

Our method for free range Axis Deer hunting on these properties consists of safari-style, spot-stalk and frequent glassing of canyons in the dense hill country brush. During the peak times of the rut (June-August) clients can reasonably expect to see 25-50 different Axis bucks daily on these ranches with extremely good trophy potential. During the breeding season Axis Deer “roar” similar to a Red Stag and this is truly a special time of the year to hunt hearing the vocalization of a mature Axis buck..."Guaranteed to send a chill through any sportsman".

Our previous customers have experienced a 100% success rate the past eight years on these ranches with Axis bucks up to 35” being taken annually. Clients traveling by commercial air service will fly into San Antonio TX where we meet you and transport to the ranch which is a short 1 ½ hour drive time. Contact us and reserve your spot for the best free-range axis deer hunting to be found anywhere in North America, you’ll be glad you did.

Texas Free Range Axis Deer hunting trips have been compared to safaris in South Africa with the method of hunting along with the abundance and variety of game. Clients arriving by commercial air service will fly into San Antonio, Texas and begin a short 1 1/2 hr drive to ranch.

Texas Axis Deer Hunting Trip Includes:

  • Airport Pickup in San Antonio, Texas
  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Guide Service
  • Field care of Axis Deer trophies

Not included in Axis Deer hunting trip:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Texas Hunting Licenses
  • Gratuities
  • Expediting of Trophies

World Class Axis Deer Hunting Texas!

"I booked my first-ever Axis deer hunt with Desert Safaris in July. What a great summer adventure! Saw hundreds of free-range deer, and dozens of rutting bucks, each day. Shot an absolute giant buck and had a great time with great people."

Mike Hanback


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