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Desert Safaris offers our clients numerous large ranches encompassing over 450,000 acres of private land in Texas and New Mexico. All hunt locations are GUARANTEED landowner tags and there is NO-DRAW or application process involved on our properties that we are facilitating our hunts. These ranches produce some of the largest trophies in both states for our customers on an annual basis.

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Ranch and Hunt Locations Map

  1. 25,000 acres (Exotics, Free Range Axis Deer)
  2. 18,000 acres (Exotics)
  3. 104,000 acres ( Mule Deer, Aoudad Sheep, Elk, Pronghorn Antelope)
  4. 44,000 acres (Aoudad Sheep)
  5. 17,000 acres (Aoudad Sheep)
  6. 109,000 acres (Mule Deer, Aoudad Sheep, Rocky Mountain Elk)
  7. 12,000 acres (Aoudad Sheep)
  8. 10,000 acres (Aoudad Sheep)
  9. 25,000 acres (Aoudad Sheep)
  10. 28,000 acres (Mule Deer)
  1. 27,000 acres (Pronghorn Antelope)
  2. 77,000 acres (Pronghorn Antelope)
  1. 85,000 acres (Mule Deer)

"I have hunted with Desert Safaris in both the US and Mexico, and Hunter and his crew always sent me home with great trophies. Hunter is a detail oriented outfitter that has "been there and done that", and he knows how a hunting operation should be run. From quality properties and animals, to equipment and staff, Desert Safaris is absolutely one of the best outfits I have ever hunted with."
~Tim Herald~


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